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The Open Games de Georgios Souledis

29,90 €

"The Open Games begin after the moves 1.e4 e5. The name results from the fact that the position often opens quickly which might lead to an early clash of the enemy pieces. Typical examples are the Scotch Opening, the Two Knights Defence or the venerable King’s Gambit. But the most important openings after 1.e4 e5 are the Italian Game and the Ruy Lopez, and here the game often develops more slowly.

On this DVD the International Master Georgios Souleidis presents these and all other relevant openings arising after 1.e4 e5 in 36 videos. He particularly focuses on the main lines and explains the common plans and ideas from White’s and from Black’s perspective. On top of that he analyses the Open Games that come with more variations in 36 articles in text format (pgn).

The videos offer an introduction to the respective openings and include interactive tasks that help you to directly apply what you have learned. The articles are more detailed and help to deepen the understanding of the material. The author also presents carefully selected model games by top grandmasters and experts in correspondence chess, which start where the lines in the videos and articles end. The difficulty increases from video to video, depending on how relevant the opening is. The concept of this DVD makes it ideal for ambitious juniors and amateurs who want to play one of the openings presented, but the DVD is also very helpful for strong players who can take the material on the DVD as a basis from which to explore an opening further. But of course the DVD is also well-suited for those who have always wanted to have a comprehensive overview about the Open Games on one DVD."

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